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Futsal Court Construction

The fast paced game- Futsal requires almost a double sized basket ball court for playing. The five players in each team are provided with a small, low-rebound ball for striking goals. Our skilled professionals are engaged in Futsal Court Construction. Its control is the biggest strategy each player has to learn to win the game. The court of this game is relatively economical. Therefore, many clubs, schools and sports complexes are adding this court and encouraging people to play this new game. The pitch length, run-off enclosed pitches and run-off open space pitches of the court differs for international and non-international matches. We, at RAI, carry out the Futsal Court construction work at our facility. The factors, like land condition, sloping & drainage and weather is considered while constructing the court.

Properties of Futsal Court Construction
  • Robust in nature
  • On time construction
  • Cost effective in nature
  • Easy to maintain

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