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Squash Court Wooden Flooring

Squash Court Wooden Flooring

The quality of flooring of any sport court should be paramount. The game of squash requires agile foot movements and players are constantly on the move during the rally. Therefore, the flooring installed in the squash court must be chosen with care. RAI is a company that produces and installs squash court flooring in India. The flooring we install provide a firm footing and is slip resistant. Resilience is one concern when it comes to squash. The bounce of the ball should be as per the calculated bounce by the players. For this, we ensure the evenness in height and pace of ball over complete surface. The interested buyers can contact us from the given contact number. We assure to provide natural wood and matt finish flooring at best available prices. Our personnel can even visit your site to install the squash court wooden flooring.


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